Your Logo is Your First Impression
Make it a Good One

Your logo is the lynchpin to your branding and marketing success. Driving the look and feel of your business, it's often the first thing a prospective buyer or client sees, leaving a favorable or not-so favorable impression about your company's product or service. Make sure your logo symbolizes who you are, and the rest of your advertising materials will follow suit, reflecting what your company is all about.

Branding for
Success • Professionalism • Credibility

Fortune 500 companies invest millions to make sure their "brand" has a fluid consistency throughout and stays in the public consciousness. Without a Fortune 500 budget, it's that much more important to get it right the first time. I have helped small start-up businesses get off to a good start by designing a logo that defines them - Croc still uses the crocodile character I designed for their logo twenty years ago. Whether you are a small business starting out on your kitchen table or a larger company employing hundreds, let me help you create the logo identity or branding mark you deserve.

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